Wikileaks Bitcoin Wallet Exposed

Here is the basics

Wikileaks Public Wallet June 21 2017 -Price

Below are PDF files that can be used to zoom in and follow the maddess- If you follow the Blue lines from the main Public wallets it goes into 2 different directions and wallets then after 6-7 different wallets and transactions both amounts are sent to one Multi-Sig wallet. If you keep looking around you will also see a change in using Multi-Sig wallets as what we call 2-TX throw away wallets.

Page 1 : WikiLeaks_Page_1_june_21

2-TX throw away wallets are used by many actors to try and use as wallet mis-directions. We see some of the wallets are created the same date as the transactions. Sending Bitcoins in and out is only 10 minutes apart, (1 confirmation) and then they send it out again to another 2-TX throw away wallets.

Page 2: WikiLeaks_Page 2_june_21

They sometimes spilt 2-TX wallets and send a small or large amount to another wallet but this wallet will sit with just 1-TX coming in and then they just sit around. We found that these will be 2-TX wallets in the future, we also call these as Holding wallets. They just sit with uspent-coins and 1-TX. We can just monitor this wallet and sooner or later they will come back and cash that wallet out.

Wallet creation Date: wikiLeaks_Wallet_june_21

IP-ISP-Geo-Location- Hostname Report: Wkileaks__report (28)

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